"Do we really have to go?" Gabbie asked, still packing her bags, "I mean it's kind of a waste of a perfectly good Halloween.."

"Relax, we're just going so we don't offend them, and then we'll end up ditching out. After that we can do whatever you want." Brad said, he smirked, he knew how much she disliked Brandy, but he thought her jealous fits were cute.

"More like what you want." she replied, throwing one of her shirts at him.

"Yeah, but anything I want I know you'll enjoy." he said, smirking again and grabbing her by the waist while biting her neck. Goosebumps spread over her skin.

"Oh yeah, like what?" her voice had lowered and she started moving her hips against him.

"I'll show you..." he said, and he slid his hands down lower.

They were lying in bed, with her head on his chest, when the phone rang. She bolted up to grab it but Brad had picked it up. She looked at him and bit his arm playfully, then laid her head back down.

Hey Brandy," he said, he could tell that Gabbie had just scoffed, she got off his chest and started to get dressed. "No, I wasn't looking for texts, I was busy. Yeah I know, it's ok, we can pick you guys up too. No, we're going to Tim and Tami's after. As long as you can get a ride back.. No we can take the van, haha, no we got one. Uhm, I think Gabbie lays claim to shotgun No, it's fine. Yeah we'll see you in an hour."

Brad looks around for his clothes, when he finds them he puts them on and goes to see where Gabbie went. She was out on the balcony, the sun was making her pale skin glow, he wrapped his arms around her thin waist and leaned his head on her shoulder when he approached. She turned her head away from him.

"You know you always get shotgun," he said as he turned her to face him, the sun was in her eyes, and the blue of them grew even brighter. She smiled at this, but tried to hide it.

"She can ride shotty." she said, trying to hide how much she would despise that, but also showing she is comfortable in the fact that he was her boyfriend. He kissed her forehead and looked into her eyes, his eyes a warm brown at the time, buried deep in hers, calming her down.

"You know I want you up front with me." he said, kissing her again. She smiled and went into the house to get their things and pack up the van.

The hotel they were at was, of course, fancy. Brandy was a spoiled rotten whore, and she always got what she wanted. Gabbie glared at the hotel before getting out of the car. She walked over to stand by Brad. Brandy had walked out, she was dressed in a short dress, her long brown hair flowing. Gabbie never thought she was too pretty, but Brad thought she was gorgeous, which made Gabbie annoyed when Brandy jumped on Brad with a hug. They babbled on for what seemed like forever, then she turned to face Gabbie.

"Oh Gabbie, looking as beautiful as ever." She went over to hug Gabbie, Gabbie hugged back reluctantly. "Are you excited about the party?"

"Oh sure, but we should get going, we don't want to be late." Gabbie broke away from Brandy's hug.

"Oh no we don't!" Brandy said, she went over to the front seat and sat in Gabbie's spot. Gabbie looked at Brad, then she put her earphones in and climbed in the back seat. Brad looked at her, she looked as if she was going to kill someone.

"This is gonna be a long ride..." he thought to himself.

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