Meitantei Baka (the great detective idiot or detective idiot for short)


This is a detective story, expect to see interesting murder cases and few fights, some dilemmas and cliches, invented poisons and inexplicable deaths, there are cases that are resolved only by geniuses, there are cases that only resolved by idiots, and some cases, only by the combination of both.

FILE01: Death is just plain rhetorical


Sakurabe highschool 11:00 A.M

Tohru-maaaaan im huuungry
{Tohru senjo,16 years old,class 1.B, job: student,junior detective}

Minami- just wait one more hour!
{Minami izumi,16 years old,class 1.B, job: student,asistant}

"skateboard sounds"

{Ryu kosaka,16 years old, class 1.B, job: idiot, student}

Mizuki- i told you!, it's dangerous to use my prototype turbo skateboard in the hallway!
{Mizuki ????,15 years old,class 1.B, job: student, "mad" scientist}

Kenji- huh, i guess it's hard even for me to take a photo at THAT speed
{Kenji ????, 16 years old, class 1.B, job: student, photographer}


Ryu- owowow,last time i ride something with "DON'T RIDE" on it.

Aoko- are you alright ryu!?
{Aoko akade,16 years old, class 1.B, job: student, obious love interest}

tohru- can't say i didn't se that coming

ryu- my body hurts but i don't seem much broken

tohru- that's becouse when you crash 73 times against a wall, you develop some kind of defense.

Minami- yeah, you should watch yourself where you go nex time.

ryu- yeah...... next time...

aoko- hey everyone wanna go to the movies?

ryu- sorry, im busy

Minami- i have to do my homework

kenji,mizuki- we have to study

tohru- gotta help inspector yoshiro with a case

aoko- maaan everyone's so buusyyy!

7:03 P.M ryu's house

"at the phone"

Ryu- soo, what did you do with the boredom?

Aoko- i fell asleep

Ryu- hehe

"two men in black ram at ryu's door"

ryu-... so, it's time, eh?

Aoko- huh time for what? ryu? ryu!?

???? any final words?

ryu- yeah, hey aoko,

Aoko- what?

ryu- i... love you..

"machinegun sounds"

aoko- ryu!? ryu? RYU!?

7:35 P.M Ryu's house

minami- oh my!

kenji- such a shame, he had a full live to live, didn't he?

mizuki- poor guy,

tohru- indeed, however, in his honor we must figure out this murder. minami, cover him with the sheet, im done watching the body.
huh? where's aoko?

minami- she couldn't handle the shock, she's at home

tohru- mizuki, there's no poisoning and no fingerprints to check, go see aoko and try to help her.

yoshiro- there was no evidence found, looks like they just shot and left.

tohru- hmn... with this i deduce this: those two were part of an organization, and they were sent to kill ryu.

Minami- how did you deduce that?

tohru- easy. seeing the preocuped reactions of ryo this week, and the conversation on the phone, ryu knew the day he was going to get murdered, and the only people who do that are terrorist organisations, basicaly, ryu saw something he wasn't suposed to see.

yoshiro- amazing, typical from the great junior detective.

kenji- huh? what's this?! on the roof! it says: 18. 21. 763. 4916572984 768251497-642

tohru- it's a special code he and i desinged, it translates as "go to the wharehouse meitantei-kun(detective-kun)"

minami- huh? "meitantei-kun"?

tohru- meitantei,meitan,meit,mei.. may! the may wharehouse!

kenji- it's five streets from here, i know where,

minami- then let's go-

tohru- No, it's too soon, they will be on they guard because of ryo's murder investigation, tomorrow we will go, let's leave the case like that, kenji give me the photos

kenji- magic wooordss?

tohru- give them to me or ill shoot you

kenji- -GULP-

9:09 P.M

tohru(mind)- tomorrow ryu's buried.... the may wharehouse.... what is there, why kill a kid?, i.. just hope i don't have to lose any more people. ryu.. you were an idiot among idiot's, but, idiot's are the most loyal and conforting, arent they?.

next day 3:00 P.M ryu's burial

"burying sounds"

mizuki- aoko won't stop crying "sniff" but i think we're all crying here.

kenji- word.

minami- why did they kill a simple kid?

tohru- im sure i explained it yesterday,....."i love you", those final words sure made quite the impact.

"the burying is finished"

tohru- ok, people, if you think it's too dangerous don't come. it's not obligatory.

minami,kenji,mizuki- OF COURSE WERE COMING!

tohru- heh.then grab a gun and let's get moving, to may wharehouse!


about tohru: to start he has a phobia of rats, that's pretty much whatever scares him, he was little,he wanted to be a cop, however after ceirtain incidents, decided to become a detective, started resolving crimes at the age of 15, he sure gained quite the atention, he is right handed, but, he shoot's his gun with his left hand, he is know for his "never missing left-handed shot".

FUN FACT: ryo was born in america with an american mother and japanese father, moved to japan at age of 11.

4:05 P.M may wharehouse

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