Chapter 2: Opening/Meet the Gale Family

WnxGhibliDisney Studios presents...

Tommy Pan

Singers: (Voice-over) The Second Star to the Right
Shines in the night for you
To tell you that the dreams you've planned
Really can come true
The Second Star to the Right
Shines with a light that's rare
And if it's Magixland you need
It's light will lead you there


E.G. Daily as Tommy Pickles

Tara Strong as Dil Pickles

Grey Delisle as Dorothy Gale

Liliana Mumy as Roxy

Nancy Cartwright as Chuckie Finster

Frankie Jonas as Sosuke

Noah Cyrus as Ponyo

Christopher Lloyd as Merlock

Robert Libertini as Dijon

Barry Gordon as Bebop

Cam Clarke as Rocksteady

Selena Gomez as Mavis

Adam Sandler as Dracula

Cate Blanchett as Granmamare

Liam Neeson as Fujimoto and Bad Cop/Good Cop

Female singer: (Voice-over) Twinkle, twinkle, little star
So we'll know where you are
Gleaming in the skies above
Lead us to the land we've dreamed of

Created by WinxGhibliDisney

Singers: (Voice-over) And when our journey is through
Each time we say good night
We'll thank the little star that shines
The second from the right

(We then open to a beautiful night in Chicago)

Narrator: (Voice-over) All this has happened before, and it will all happen again. But this time it happened in Chicago. It happened on a quiet street in Meadowview Lane.

(We cut to a three story house in Oakhurst on Meadowview Lane)

Narrator: (Voice-over) That corner house over there is the home of the Gale Family. And Tommy and Dil Pickles chose this particular house because there are people here who believe in them. There was Granmamare Gale...

(In a second floor master bedroom, a beautiful woman with long wavy coral pink hair and brown eyes and wearing a long white dress and white shoes is fixing herself up for an event and humming. She is Granmamare Gale)

Granmamare: Fujimoto, dear. Do hurry. We mustn't be late for the party, you know.

Narrator: (Voice-over) Granmamare always believed that Tommy and Dil Pickles are the spirits of youth. But Fujimoto on the other hand...

(In the other side of the room, a man with long coral pink hair, a long nose, and blue eyes wearing a blue and white striped shirt over a white shirt, dark blue pants, and black shoes is searching frantically for something in his dresser drawers. He is Fujimoto, Granmamare's husband)

Fujimoto: Granmamare, unless we find my cufflinks, we won't go to the party! And if we don't go to the party, I'll never show myself in the office again. And if I never...

(He then accidentally bumped his head on an open drawer above his head)

Fujimoto: Ouch!

Narrator: (Voice-over) Well, Fujimoto was a practical man. The kids, however, Ponyo, and her neighbors, Sosuke and Chuckie Finster, believed Tommy and Dil Pickles were real people, and made them the heroes of all their nursery games.

(In the third floor nursery, three kids, two of them five years old, and one a thirteen year old, were dueling with toy swords. The first five year old is a boy with black hair with the sides shaved, brown eyes and wearing a yellow shirt, brown shorts and white shoes. He is Sosuke, the Gale Family's friend and neighbor. The other five year old is a girl with short messy coral pink hair, navy blue eyes and wearing a red dress and pink shoes. She is Ponyo, Granmamare and Fujimoto's daughter. The thirteen year old is a boy with red spiky hair, purple square-shaped glasses, and is wearing braces, a light blue button-up short-sleeved shirt with a picture of Saturn on the side, olive green pants, and red and white shoes. He is Chuckie Finster, another of the Gale Family's friends and neighbors. They are playing an adventure game involving Tommy and Dil Pickles, and Sosuke is playing Tommy Pickles, Ponyo is playing Dil Pickles, and Chuckie is playing their enemy, Captain Merlock. The reason: Merlock threatened to kill Dil and Tommy saved his brother's life by cutting off Merlock's hand and and Merlock, having replaced his hand with a hook, decided to never leave Magixland until he kills Tommy and Dil Pickles. Anyway, as they played, Chuckie has cornered Sosuke and Ponyo up on the dresser drawer like a rock climb)

Chuckie: (Imitating Merlock) Blast you, Tommy and Dil Pickles!

(Ponyo and the boys lock their toy swords together)

Sosuke: (Imitating Tommy) Take that!

Ponyo: (Imitating Dil) Give up, Captain Merlock? Give up?

(Chuckie smirked and used a hanger he is using as the hook to open the drawer underneath Ponyo's feet, causing her to fall in it)

Chuckie: (Imitating Merlock) Never! I'll teach you for cutting off my hand!

(Suddenly, a fourteen year old girl with curly red brown hair topped with a blue bow, and brown eyes and wearing a blue overall dress over a white shirt, blue socks and red shoes named Dorothy Gale, walked by when she stopped and noticed something is wrong with Chuckie's acting)

Dorothy: Oh no, Chuckie. The hook's on the left hand.

(Chuckie noticed and chuckled sheepishly as he switched the hanger to his left hand and the toy sword in the right hand)

Chuckie: (Chuckling sheepishly) Oh right. Thank you, Dorothy.

(Dorothy then noticed a black cairn terrier barking at the bathroom door. That is her dog, Toto)

Dorothy: Toto, you want a bath?

(Toto barked excitedly. He loved baths and Dorothy walked over to the door where he is waiting)

Narrator: (Voice-over) Dorothy, the oldest Gale child, not only believed, but she was also the supreme authority on Tommy and Dil Pickles and all of their marvelous adventures.

(Dorothy and Toto noticed a gray cat walking in with a tray of medicine and on his shoulder was a brown mouse)

Dorothy: (Sighs) Oh, Tom and Jerry, must we always take that nasty tonic?

(Tom and Jerry nodded. After Dorothy and Toto walked into the bathroom so Toto can have his bath, Tom and Jerry walked over to a table to put the tray of medicine on there)

Narrator: (Voice-over) Tom and Jerry, being a cat and mouse, kept their opinions to themselves, and viewed the whole affair with a certain tolerance.

(Tom, after walking over a pillow, placed the medicine tray on the table and with Jerry's help, he carried the pillow to one of the beds. On Sosuke's bed, Chuckie, Sosuke, and Ponyo continued their game)

Ponyo: (Imitating Dil) Take that!

(Chuckie knocks Ponyo's toy sword out of her hand and as she goes to get it with Sosuke's help, Chuckie chased after them towards her bed)

Chuckie: (Imitating Merlock) Insolent brats, I'll slash you to ribbons!

Sosuke: (Imitating Tommy) Not if we do it first!

(Ponyo grabs her toy sword)

Ponyo: (Imitating Dil) Aha!

(She accidentally hits Chuckie and Sosuke in their faces while swinging her toy sword, making Chuckie drop his glasses)

Sosuke: Ouch!

Chuckie: Careful, Ponyo! My glasses!

(He puts them back on)

Ponyo: Sorry, Sora and Sosuke.

(At the same time this happened, Tom and Jerry came over to Sosuke's bed, fixed it up and placed the pillow on it. As Chuckie and Sosuke recovered, Tom and Jerry picked up three blocks, each saying A, B, and C. As they walked to the block tower with the three blocks, Ponyo and the boys resumed their game and then jumped back on Sosuke's bed, messing it up again)

Chuckie: (Imitating Merlock) You two will never leave this ship alive!

Sosuke: (Imitating Tommy) Oh, yes we will!

Ponyo: (Imitating Dil) Take that!

(Tom and Jerry placed the blocks on top of the block tower and were about to walk away when Jerry noticed the blocks were in the order, B, A, C. He then got Tom's attention on it and when Tom saw it, he and Jerry corrected them as A, B, and C. Then they went to work on the medicine. Back at Sosuke's bed, Ponyo and the boys continued their duel)

Chuckie: (Imitating Merlock) Scuttle me bones, boys! I'll slit your gizzards!

(He attempts to stab Sosuke and Ponyo when they dodged and Chuckie accidentally tore a hole in a bed sheet tied to the bedposts like a ship's sail. Sosuke gasped upon seeing it)

Sosuke: (Gasps) Chuckie!

Chuckie: Oops. Sorry about that.

Ponyo: Well, we'll deal with it later. Right now, continue the game.

(Doing what Ponyo said, the boys resumed their game with her. At the table, Jerry was pouring some medicine on each spoon while Tom made sure he did it right)

Sosuke: (Imitating Tommy) Back, back, back, you villain!

(They lock toy swords)

Chuckie: (Imitating Merlock) Insolent tiger and pest!

(Tom and Jerry turned to them in shock on what Sora said, but then they realized they were just playing. Suddenly, Jerry accidentally spilled some medicine on Tom's paw)

Sosuke and Ponyo: (Imitating Tommy and Dil) Wicked pirate!

(Noticing the medicine on his paw, Tom gasped and then glared at Jerry for his clumsiness while Jerry felt guilty for it)

Chuckie: (Imitating Merlock) Aha! I gotcha!

Sosuke: (Imitating Tommy) You did neither.

Ponyo: (Imitating Dil) You never touched us.

(As Jerry puts the medicine bottle down, Tom licked the medicine off his paw and then gagged at the taste. At Sosuke's bed, Sosuke and Ponyo attempted to pretend stab Chuckie multiple times and Chuckie kept dodging)

Sosuke: (Imitating Tommy) Take that!

Ponyo: (Imitating Dil) And that!

(They both successfully pretended to stab Chuckie)

Sosuke and Ponyo: (Imitating Tommy and Dil) And that!

Chuckie: (Imitating Merlock and pretending to die) Ugh! I can't believe I lost.... To two brats!

(He falls on the floor, playing dead. Sosuke and Ponyo cheered)

Sosuke and Ponyo: (Imitating Tommy and Dil) Hooray!

(But before they could do anything, Fujimoto suddenly comes in, still looking for his cufflinks)

Fujimoto: Ponyo, boys, less noise, please.

(He then accidentally knocked over the block tower as he headed to the vanity dresser. Tom and Jerry noticed and they go over there to try and fix it. Chuckie got up and noticed Fujimoto)

Chuckie: Oh, hello, Fujimoto.

(Ponyo noticed Chuckie got up and thinking he's still playing, got angry)

Ponyo: (Imitating Dil) You old bilge rat!

(Fujimoto suddenly got shocked on what Ponyo said and got mad)

Fujimoto: What?! Now see here, Ponyo...!

(The boys quickly intervened while Ponyo realized the game's over)

Chuckie: Not you, Fujimoto. You see, she's Dil Pickles.

Sosuke: And I was Tommy Pickles.

Ponyo: And Chuckie's Captain Merlock.

(While Tom and Jerry were about to finish the block tower, Fujimoto, not interested to listen, continued his search for his cufflinks)

Fujimoto: Yes, yes, that's nice. Now, where are those cuff...?

(He bumps into Tom and then Tom and Jerry knocked the block tower down accidentally)

Fujimoto: Oh, Tom and Jerry! For goodness sake! Where are those cufflinks?!

(He walks over to Sosuke's bed while Tom and Jerry recovered and after briefly glaring at Fujimoto, resumed their job to fix the block tower. The kids got confused suddenly)

Sosuke: Cufflinks, Fujimoto?

Fujimoto: Yes, the gold ones.

(Realizing the treasure they were using in their game was actually the cufflinks, the kids became shocked and Chuckie whispered to Sosuke and Ponyo)

Chuckie: (Whispering) Sosuke, Ponyo, the buried treasure. Where is it?

Ponyo: (Whispering) I don't know.

(Suddenly remembering something else, Sosuke whispered to Chuckie and Ponyo while Fujimoto searched Sosuke's bed)

Sosuke: (Whispering) The map, then. Where's the treasure map?

Ponyo: (Whispering) It got lost.

(Fujimoto suddenly noticed the ripped bedsheet and got shocked)

Fujimoto: What happened to the bedsheet?!

(Feeling guilty for it, Chuckie spoke up)

Chuckie: I didn't mean it. We were just playing and I accidentally ripped it.

(Fujimoto sighed and decided to let Chuckie off the hook and resumed his search at the bed)

Fujimoto: Okay. But don't do it....

(He suddenly noticed his shirt front laying under the blanket of the bed and picked it up, not noticing the drawing of a pirate treasure map on it)

Fujimoto: Good heavens! My shirt front!

(Noticing the shirt front, Ponyo ran over to Fujimoto to retrieve it, realizing it's the pirate treasure map they were using in their game)

Ponyo: Hooray! You found it! You found it!

(Fujimoto puts the shirt front on, still not noticing the drawing)

Fujimoto: Yes, I have. And hereafter....

(Ponyo suddenly began pulling his shirt front)

Fujimoto: Don't paw me, Ponyo! This is my last clean...!

(Suddenly, Ponyo's grip slipped from the shirt front and the shirt front popped up in front of Fujimoto's face and he finally saw the drawing)

Fujimoto: No....

(Embarrassed, he pushed the shirt front back down)

Fujimoto: No!

(Granmamare then came in, fixing her hair in front of the vanity mirror)

Granmamare: Fujimoto, dear. We must really hurry or we'll be late.

(Fujimoto points at his drawn shirt front)

Fujimoto: Granmamare, look!

(Granmamare turned around and got shocked upon seeing the drawing)

Granmamare: Fujimoto!

(The boys chimed in)

Sosuke: It's only chalk, Fujimoto.

Chuckie: It washes off easily.

(Granmamare, realizing they drew it on Fujimoto's shirt front, got disappointed in them)

Granmamare: Why, boys....

(Ponyo suddenly butted in)

Ponyo: It's not their fault. It's in a story....

(Realizing Ponyo is about to spill the beans, the boys gestured her to stop, but confused by their reaction, Ponyo continued as Fujimoto wiped some chalk off in shirt front)

Ponyo: And Dorothy said....

(She suddenly stopped and covered her mouth, realizing she spilled the beans and received a brief glare from the boys when Fujimoto spoke)

Fujimoto: Dorothy?! Story?! I might've known.

(He walked to the bathroom door and crossed his arms in anger)

Fujimoto: Dorothy?

(Dorothy comes back in, just finishing drying Toto from his bath)

Fujimoto: DOROTHY?!

(Unaware of his anger, Dorothy spoke up, putting Toto down)

Dorothy: Yes, Father?

Fujimoto: Would you kindly...?

(Dorothy suddenly noticed Granmamare's dress and ran over to her in excitement)

Dorothy: Oh, Mother! You look simply lovely!

Granmamare: Thank you, dear.

Fujimoto: (Annoyed) Dorothy!

Granmamare: (Ignoring Fujimoto) It's just my old gown, but it turned out rather nice.

Fujimoto: (Interrupting) Granmamare, if you don't mind, I'm...

(Dorothy finally noticed the drawing on Fujimoto's shirt front and got shocked)

Dorothy: Why, Father! What have you done to your shirt front?!

(Fujimoto suddenly got shocked on Dorothy asking him that)

Fujimoto: What, have, I...?

(Chuckie counted down quietly with his fingers, knowing things will get worse)

Sora: (Whispering) And three, two, one...

(He points and Fujimoto groans in annoyance. Granmamare then came up to him with a towel and cleaned the drawing off his shirt front)

Granmamare: Now, Fujimoto, it's okay. Like Chuckie said, it comes right off.

Fujimoto: That's no excuse!

(He turns to Dorothy in anger while she, Ponyo, and the boys are putting their toys away in a toy chest)

Fujimoto: Dorothy, haven't I warned you? Stuffing Ponyo and the boys' heads with a lot of your silly stories?

Dorothy: But they aren't!

(Fujimoto angrily tries to clip his flaps)

Fujimoto: I say they are! Captain Sherlock! Tommy and Dil Pirate!

Dorothy: That's Tommy and Dil Pickles, Father.

Chuckie: And it's Captain Merlock, not Sherlock.

Fujimoto: Pickles, pirate! Poppycock!

(The kids tried to explain to him that it's not poppycock, but Fujimoto abruptly interrupted them as he clipped his flaps)

Fujimoto: Absolute poppycock! And let me tell you, this ridiculous...!

(Granmamare tries to calm Fujimoto while attempting to tie his tie around his neck)

Granmamare: Now, Fujimoto....

Fujimoto: (Mockingly) "Now, Fujimoto. Now Fujimoto."

(As Tom and Jerry were about to finish their block tower, they stopped and listened in. Fujimoto then messed up his tie)

Fujimoto: Well, "Now, Fujimoto" will have his say!

(Granmamare then fixed Fujimoto's tie)

Granmamare: Please, dear...

Fujimoto: Granmamare, Dorothy's growing up! It's high time she had a room of her own!

Dorothy: Father!

Granmamare: Fujimoto!

Sosuke: What?!

Ponyo: No!

Chuckie: You can't!

(Tom and Jerry were even shocked that they dropped the last three blocks)

Fujimoto: I mean it! (To Dorothy) Young Lady, this is your last night in the nursery!

(Dorothy bowed her head in sadness)

Fujimoto: And that is my last word on that matter!

(He was about to storm out when he accidentally stepped on Tom's tail and began stumbling around the room while Tom and Jerry tried to run out of the way. But Fujimoto bumped into them, knocking them into the block tower, making a mess. Tom and Jerry tried to run out of the way, but they tripped on a small toy wagon and tumbled into a wall and Fujimoto stepped his foot on the wagon and spun around the nursery on it)

Fujimoto: Whoa!

(The wagon skidded to a stop and Fujimoto was thrown into the air and crashed right next to the vanity as Granmamare and the kids looked on in shock. After a hairbrush, a ball, and a jack-in-the-box landed on his head, the group became concerned)

Granmamare and the kids: Ooh...

(Fujimoto sees Granmamare, Toto, and the kids running to him and became relieved, but then he became shocked when they ran by him and checked on Tom and Jerry instead)

Granmamare and the kids: Poor Tom and Jerry.

Fujimoto: (Shocked) "Poor Tom and Jerry?"

(He got angry and jumped to his feet)

Fujimoto: This is the last straw!

(He points at the door while looking at Tom and Jerry in anger)

Fujimoto: Out! Out, I say!

(Ponyo hugs Tom and Jerry in defense)

Ponyo: No, Daddy, no.

(Fujimoto grabs Tom by the scruff, picks Jerry up and took them to the door with Ponyo hanging on to Tom's tail)

Fujimoto: Yes! There will be no more cat and mouse servants in the house!

(Granmamare picks up Ponyo, who released Tom's tail and as Fujimoto left the nursery with Tom and Jerry, Ponyo sadly waved goodbye to them)

Ponyo: Goodbye, Tom and Jerry.

(Tom and Jerry waved goodbye sadly too. Outside, Fujimoto took them to the backyard)

Fujimoto: (Sarcastically) "Poor Tom and Jerry." Oh, yes. "Poor Tom and Jerry." But "Poor Father," or "Fujimoto?" No.

(He released Tom, puts Jerry down and walked over to the bushes to look for a leash and collar)

Fujimoto: Blast it, where is the leash and collar?

(Fujimoto then noticed Jerry holding the leash and collar and Tom pointing at them and he went over to them and accepted them from Jerry)

Fujimoto: Oh. Thank you.

(He clipped the collar on Tom and hooked the leash on it as Tom and Jerry looked at him in sadness. Fujimoto noticed and sighed)

Fujimoto: Dash it all, Tom and Jerry. Don't give me those looks. It's nothing personal, it's just that...

(He picked up a water bowl and filled it with water at the hose)

Fujimoto: Well, you're not really servants. You're... Well, a cat and mouse.

(He placed the bowl next to them)

Fujimoto: And the children aren't kittens or mice. They're people. And sooner or later, Tom and Jerry, people have to grow up.

(He goes inside to wait for Granmamare. Back in the nursery, Granmamare is tucking the kids, dressed in their pajamas, in bed and Dorothy is upset about earlier)

Dorothy: But Mother, I don't want to grow up.

Granmamare: Now dear. Don't worry about it anymore tonight.

Chuckie: Are you going to talk about it with Fujimoto?

Granmamare: Of course. I'll do my best to change his mind. And I will hire Sora and Kairi to babysit you tonight.

(The kids, except Ponyo who is still upset about Tom and Jerry being taken out, smiled in agreement)

Dorothy: That's good. They are really nice.

Sosuke: But I still can't belive he called Tommy and Dil Pickles "absolute poppycock."

(Granmamare takes Sosuke's sailor hat off and tucks him in)

Granmamare: I'm sure he didn't mean it, Sosuke. Fujimoto was just upset.

Chuckie: Yeah, I mean, Granmamare just said she'll try to change his mind.

(Ponyo wiped some tears away as she cried softly)

Ponyo: (Crying) Poor Tom and Jerry. (Sobs) Out there all alone.

(Granmamare caresses her hair and tucks her in)

Granmamare: No more tears, Ponyo. It's a warm night. They'll be alright.

Chuckie: Yeah. I'm sure Fujimoto will change his mind about that, too.

(Ponyo suddenly felt something and picked up Fujimoto's missing cufflinks)

Ponyo: Mommy?

Granmamare: Yes, dear?

Ponyo: The buried treasure.

(She hands the cufflinks to Granmamare, who then heads over to the window to close and lock it)

Granmamare: Now, children. Don't judge Fujimoto too harshly. He just loves and cares for you very much.

(She closes the window and just when she was about to lock it, Dorothy spoke up while Toto jumped on her bed to lay next to her)

Dorothy: No, don't lock it, Mother. They might come back.

(Granmamare stopped and got confused)

Granmamare: "They?"

Dorothy: Yes. Tommy and Dil Pickles. You see, I found something that belongs to Tommy.

(Granmamare got confused even more)

Granmamare: Oh, and what's that?

Dorothy: (Yawns) His shadow.

Granmamare: (Surprised) Shadow?

Dorothy: (Sleepily) Well, Tom and Jerry had it, but I.... I took it away from them....

(She slowly goes to sleep along with Toto after he yawned. Even Chuckie who takes his glasses off, Sosuke and Ponyo slowly fell asleep after they stretched a bit. Unsure of what Dorothy told her, Granmamare went over to the door)

Granmamare: Yes, of course.

(She turns the light off)

Granmamare: Good night.

(Granmamare closed the nursery door quietly and left to call Sora and Kairi over so she'll then meet up with Fujimoto and leave for the party)

Coming up: The kids and babysitters will meet Tommy and Dil Pickles, as well as Roxy and the Winx Club, and go to Magixland with them after Dorothy brings Tommy and his shadow back together.

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