What is a Movie Fanfic Chain?  It's a group of people who enjoy writing fanfiction based on their favorite movies.  Each movie listed on the home page has its own e-mail group, moderator, and pages dedicated to only that movie.  Once the main story line is voted upon for a particular movie title, the group members take turns adding to the story!  All fanfictions link together with the movie, and any prequels or sequels to that movie, as well as with completed Chain Stories for that title.  Think of it as a big "history book" of those characters!  The rules are simple and will be sent to you upon request.  This site and all its Movie Fanfic Chains are meant for a stress-free fun time and any people who criticize their fellow group members or cause any problems will be either dropped from the group or given a warning; depending on the situation.  Remember, this site was created for the fun and enjoyment of Movie Fanfic writers and fans!! =)  =)

So whether you are a fan of writing Movie Fanfiction or a fan of reading them, search the list of movies on the home page and click on the titles of your favorites to be taken to their pages!  If you'd like to become a Movie Fanfic writer for one of the movies listed on the home page, please click the button in front of the movie title.  You do not have to wait until a new story starts.  You can join the group and start writing at the current place in the story.  If you do not see one of your favorite movie titles and would like to see it added or if you'd like to add your name to the waiting list of a movie title, please click here, fill out the form, and the movie title will be added along with your writing name!  Once there are at least five writers volunteering for a movie, an e-mail group, moderator, and pages will be assigned!  There is no maximum limit to the amount of group members.  Happy reading and writing!!

Still confused?  Feel free to Contact Me! =)